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Best Wedding Venues in Gauteng (in my opinion)

When you visit wedding venues, consider asking these questions :
  • How many guests will be able to attend your wedding at this location?
  • What does the venue cost to hire?
  • What is included in the venue hire fee?
  • Is the venue available for your date?
  • What overnight Accommodation does the venue have?
  • How much space will you need to comfortably move around, dance, eat and mingle?
  • What is plan B if it rains?
  • Can they accommodate load shedding without disrupting the wedding timeline?


Considerations Choosing My Favourite Wedding Venues around Pretoria East

As a wedding photographer and service provider, we see a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff that you as a potential client might not know of, or as a bride find out on the day.  These are a few things that get me excited about a venue, other that the beauty and obviously good food.

When I am greeted and introduced to the staff I would interact with I feel welcome and valued.

Venues will set up a table for service providers separate from your guests where we can eat, and just refresh without disrupting our service or your guests. Although a pretty setup is always nice, we do understand it cost money and therefore appreciate a corner table with chairs just to get our energy back. That might be the first time we have a sip of water or something substantial to eat.

I have had venues where staff would help carry gear when it starts to rain. Such service that goes beyond what is asked for is amazing.

Some waiters will remember us and ask if they can keep the water jug filled for us. I would only assume they would do the same for the bride and groom.

So my conclusion is, if they treat us as service providers this well, your guests will also be treated well and is that not what you want on your wedding day?

These venues I will be showing you are only a few of the good ones I had the privilege of working at.  Visit them, chat with the co-ordinator and decide where you would like to celebrate your happily ever after.


Best wedding venues in Gauteng I captured weddings at


Imperfect Perfection located in Tierpoort, Pretoria East is a beautiful venue, with old-world charm and character,

with staff that will walk the extra mile for you and your guests on your wedding day.


Lavandou Wedding Venue is definitely a hidden gem if you are looking for a forest vibe. It rained part of the day but they made a plan B and the ceremony continued. No tears spilled over raindrops.



Menlyn Boutique Hotel is in the heart of Pretoria, just off the N1. Perfect for the modern couple looking for something different.

Once inside the gates, you are treated to good service, creative options for photo opportunities as well as comfortable accommodation.

Waiters are helpful and help where they can.


Monte De Dios saved my flash from getting lost. I will always be grateful for the staff that helped me find one of my flashlights, after rushing indoors as a terrible storm started.

If the words Spanish Equestrian Villa gets you excited this is the wedding venue for you.



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