Cake topper ideas for your wedding cake


What type of cake topper fits your wedding cake? 

I just adore unique cake toppers. It can be from two lego characters to a surname decal out of shiny vinyl. 


Best Wedding Cake Toppers for a Show-Stopping Display

It shows me a little bit about your personality and style. It also creates interesting options for me when photographing the cake. I love capturing the detail and these would be some of the things I can get lost in. Playing with light to enhance your cake can make it even more fun as well as a focal point for guests. I mean why would you want your wedding cake to go unnoticed?  At some weddings I have been at, the DJ would set up amazing lighting for just the cake table. 

Ask the venue to keep an extra piece of cake for you to take with you for later in the evening.  You might not feel like eating cake halfway through the day or just be too busy to enjoy the taste of your chosen cake option like you hoped you could. Some couples even keep the smallest tear of the cake to take home with them, so whatever you decide just inform the venue to assist with this. 

Consider having fun with your cake topper.

Some of these items you might have to order well in advance from stationary vendors or artist. But some you will perhaps find in more unique places, like a toy shop, street vendor or your mother’s cupboard. It can be anything really:

Think sparkles spelling LOVE

Wooden Monogram

Ceramic cake topper with your initials on it

Artisan wire topper with your names

Dog Figurines

and this list can go on and on forever.


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