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Being a photographer in Pretoria is my full-time job. I love to capture your special moments. Knowing the value of being able to look back on photos and remember special times with people we love. Your wedding photographer is someone exceptional since it takes years of dreaming, months of planning, and weeks to execute, but only hours to capture your wedding as it unfolds in a unique and wonderful story. I love to capture those moments that no one else noticed or those slow moments while we wait for the car to pick up the bride and her father, or the groom looking down the aisle for his bride. My favourite part is to document your family as it grows with maternity, newborn and extended family shoots (even pets)

Photographer job description: I take photos of moments otherwise forgotten to make sure we can relive them whenever we want to.

As a wedding & family photographer, my job is to capture the detail you worked so hard on. Things you might not remember will be captured for you to look back on. Silly little things become so precious when they are no longer with us. Looking back on a picture of me in our swimming pool while it was still unfinished when I was six years old reminds me of a time I would not be able to remember if I did not have that photo memory of that fun time. The same goes for our wedding photos that I cherish. Three months before Covid (not knowing it then), we got married on a Monday afternoon on a rooftop in Pretoria East. Some of those people that celebrated with us on that very hot afternoon, are no longer with us. Oh boy, those wedding photos of our wedding day will make me run into a burning building if I had to save them. (Back up your images then no heroism will be needed). This is a note to remind me to back up my special images too.

Every Moment Is Precious And I Would Love To Be Able To Tell Your Picture Story through photography.

The emphasis is on documenting special times, capturing spontaneous displays of emotion, telling your real love story, as well as creating artistic portraits and details.
When it comes to your wedding, it is more than one day, it is about a lifetime of memories. It is about capturing moments. It is about capturing emotion and it is about being able to relive the day through beautiful photos. It is about smiling at moments that you never knew happened or seeing the emotion on your family and friends’ faces, and best of all, having a story you can treasure forever.


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Previous Wedding & Family Photography Clients Said

  • 5 star review  You know your photographer did an amazing job when you can't decide which photos you like best. Marissa is patient and very helpful and her work speaks for itself

    thumb Amy Baard
    October 19, 2020
  • 5 star review  Every time is just wow. Love her 😍

    thumb Aster Yemane
    November 21, 2021
  • 5 star review  It was a pleasure working you Marissa. Very professional. We love the pictures.

    thumb Phindile Nkosi
    November 16, 2021
  • 5 star review  What a lovely experience working with Marissa! She is professional and friendly and managed to get my usually shy, clingy and fussy 2 year old to enjoy herself and have fun during our family shoot. Our pictures are amazing. I'm looking forward to Marissa capturing more of our family moments 🙂

    thumb Melissa Ticconi
    December 8, 2020
  • 5 star review  Marissa made the whole experience magical, from the engagement shoot until the end of the wedding. She was professional, friendly, accommodating and such a fun photographer. It was worth every cent and will be part of the wedding that I will be able to keep with me forever. I still cry when I look at the photos as there are so many special memories and parts that I did not see until the photos. Thank you Marissa.

    thumb Tammy Seagreen
    November 16, 2021
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