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As a newborn photographer, I celebrate the miracle of new life with each client.

 I am always speechless after newborn sessions. There is nothing in this world that changes a life like becoming a parent and it is these moments that make my heart melt when I am given the honour of capturing them for a new family.  I want to capture the miracle that is your new baby; from their long eyelashes to their wrinkled feet. I want to suspend this moment in time for you so that you can revisit it over and over again.   

What being a newborn photographer thaught me was that words can not express the joy of new life

You plan as much as possible for your newborn session and then you leave all the planning at the door. You never know how a session will go, but one thing is for sure, I love them all. The sleepy ones, the tiny ones, the ones that came early or that wanted to stay a bit longer before being welcomed by the world I always enjoy being a witness of a miracle and even more so when I get to capture small feet and wrinkled bodies only a few days old.
Luxury photography 
Photography has been part of my life since I was very small. Growing up with a father playing around with film and an SLR camera had its advantages when I decided to take up photography as a hobby early on. After studying and working for a few years as a social worker, I still never gave up the dream to become a full-time photographer. With almost 10 years of full-time wedding photography behind me, I am still as passionate to capture your special moments as in that first few years.

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Every Story Is Beautiful – Every Moment Is Precious And I Would Love To Be Able To Tell Your Story through photography.

The emphasis is on documenting special moments, capturing spontaneous displays of emotion, telling your story, as well as creating artistic portraits and details.



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