The Girl With The Camera

A wedding photographer must be someone exceptional. They have a few hours to capture your once in a lifetime moment that took you years of dreaming, months of planning and weeks to ensure perfection.

Things to keep in mind for your timeline:

  • Travel time & traffic between venues & locations for the bridal party.
  • Remember to keep your guests & photographer’s travel time in mind as well.
  • Remember hair and makeup appointments may run late.
  • Allow yourself time to relax and soak up the fun and remember to eat a light lunch!
  • Use your golden hour (best light) to allow me to capture beautiful photos during your couple shoot.

I am more than happy to talk you through all the smaller details so just give me a call if you have any concerns.

Previous Brides Said: “Enjoy your wedding without being rushed”

I have worked with this timeline numerous times in the past and know it works very well but I love that each wedding is unique.  So please add your personal touch to your special day.

Check out an example of a wedding timeline: Wedding timeline tips 

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