The Girl With The Camera

A wedding photographer must be someone exceptional. They have a few hours to capture your once in a lifetime moment that took you years of dreaming, months of planning and weeks to ensure perfection.

Your contract is in order and I am very excited to be able to say I am your wedding photographer.

Please complete the form to help The Girl With The Camera to capture your wedding day in the best possible way: Your Story.  You will need 20-30 minutes to complete the form electronically.

Please compile a list of family photos you would like.  This will help me during the short family photo time to capture the most important images.  Nothing can compare to the frustration of the family if someone was left out and not included in the photos. Get more tips about family photo lists.

I also need a timeline for your wedding day – so that I know where I should be and at what time. I can assist you with the detail regarding the timeline, as well as how much time I need with each part of the day.  It is great to chat with your venue coordinator, videographer, Pastor and other important role players and includes their requests with your plans in this timeline. Check out the wedding timeline example on the blog.

Let the countdown begin!




Customise your wedding package – Additional options

Ask for trusted hair & Make-up options to add to your session.

 Location & Studio options available.


Previous Brides Said

“Booking The Girl With The Camera was such a wonderful experience, and she made us feel right at home in front of the camera.”

“The Girl With The Camera captured our wedding-day-memories so creatively and we were so happy to get our images so soon after the wedding day.”



“Writing  Stories  Without  Words…”