Preparing for your photo session

The Girl’s Guide to Family Photo Sessions

Getting everyone ready and looking good is probably one of the most challenging aspects of a photo shoot.

Try to remember why you wanted to do the photo shoot – capturing special moments, celebrating a milestone or remembering loved ones.

If you have any questions, I would love to assist you.

Colours and outfits

Everyone does not have to match but colour coordinate or colour block your family’s outfits.  For example, choose 2 colours, add a basic colour of white, grey or blue and then use shades of those 3 colours to dress up.

Do not be scared to add a bold colour for fun, like a couple of yellow balloons, or red strawberries.  Remember to keep in mind the tones of the colour pallet – warm | cold | pastel etc.

Bring the right shoes – you might need to walking fast or hike up a hill.

Patterns are great but not everyone in the photo should wear patterns as it may distract from the final image.  Avoid large logos, animation characters & graphics.  Remember to stick to the same season.

Accessorize your outfit to add detail to the images.  Textures are also a great way to make the image interesting.

Weather or illness

A shoot can be rescheduled if the weather is very bad, or a child is ill.  Especially in the case of children, do not schedule the shoot to close after a medical procedure – even an injection.


Children and husbands

Happy children make for greater family photos than clean ones.  Prepare the kids.  I aim to make the shoot fun, so please help me to help them to have fun. Bring along favourite toys or special family past time items as props.

The Girl With The Camera