Amy & Larry

The Girl next door

Love (Larry) will find you, no matter where you are.

Larry and Amy met when Amy was only 3 days old. Amy’s parents took her next door to their neighbors and friends, the Shuttleworths, to introduce her.

The Shuttleworths emigrated to Canada in 1992 but kept in touch with the Gathercole family. In 2014, Amy visited the family in Canada and was asked by Susan and her husband, Greg, to be the godmother of their son, while Larry was named as godfather. Amy enjoyed her stay with the family. During the course of 2015, Amy returned to Canada and au paired for the Harper family, caring for her godson.  Larry started inviting himself around to ‘visit his godson’. After a few visits, Larry asked Amy out on a date. The following Monday, Larry then left for Peru where he worked for four months, but not before asking Amy to be his girlfriend.

Amy had to return to South Africa in October of the same year. However, their long-distance relationship continued for a further eleven months. In September 2016, Amy was accepted to study her Master of Social Work degree in Canada and returned to her beloved once again. Larry proposed on April 1st, 2017 near a beautiful lake in an Ontario provincial park.