Growing old with Grace


Growing old with Grace

I am a puppy princess. I am 11 weeks old and like true royalty, I was born with a sense of service and responsibility.

As I grow up I am taught to be in tune with my humans’ emotions – you see – I am a dementia support dog. When I am big I will help my human to cope in social circumstances and to calm down in times of stress. For now, I play and I learn and I swim. I do photoshoots and I dress up, because – that is what princesses do!

I love playing outside, exploring the wild outdoors, and getting as muddy as possible. I prance around indoors with my toys and love eating my training treats. I am fashionably pretty in pink and equally comfortable with animal prints. Which do you think should I be seen in more often?

My name is Grace and with grace, I happily perform my duties (being the cutest one in the room, always). As my human grows older and I grow up – you can follow me on Facebook: Growing old with Grace.