Theresa & Jedi


Theresa & Jedi

No wonder they are called Golden Retrievers…

Jedi, or Handsome as I call him just glows in the early morning sun.  He is so sweet, gentle and caring. If I get a GR soon it will all be on you, Theresa ! Theresa is Jedi’s puppy raiser. A volunteer based program to provide the South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind, with dogs who are well prepared for both advanced training and their future work as Guide Dogs.  Perhaps something you would like to consider signing up  12-18 months?

Once the pups are placed with their Puppy Raiser they will attend weekly Puppy Socializing classes at the Training centre in Sunning Hill. Puppies can only learn appropriate and desired behaviour when the Puppy Raisers are with them to teach them, so a home where the puppy would be left alone all day during the week would not be suitable.  Homes in which the Puppy Raiser works half day are however acceptable.  Puppy Raisers, for the reasons stated above, need to reside in (preferably) Johannesburg – or Pretoria.

While raised a puppy of my own for GDA I know the bond and love that one has for your puppy.  So just before Jedi left for Cape Town for his new adventure we decided to capture some beautiful moments between him and his puppy raiser.

If you have any queries regarding the Puppy Raising Scheme, please contact the Puppy Raising Supervisor: Leigh at