Sometimes miracles come in pairs


.Sometimes miracles come in pairs

This is my second set of twins for the year – well at least second photo shoot of twins for the year. Secretly always hoping to have my own set of twins one day, I can see that having two babies at once is just something so totally different then having one.  It is just extra special.  A miracle happens every time a baby is born, but having two at once is just double the miracle. Such a blessing to be part of your growing family.

Enjoy every moment of gazing in their eyes.

May her heart be loving and giving
May her hands be busy as he/she learns and grows
May her eyes take in the beauty all around him/her
May her ears hear what is good and true
May her mouth sing with rejoicing
May her feet walk on life giving paths which lead to love and truth
May her mind be full of hope and forgiveness
May she come to know you as father
And live within your kingdom.