Meet Salome


Meet Salome



As a business owner and one man (girl) show I know what it takes to be able to call yourself an entrepreneur. It is hard.  It is harder than the job you had before you went solo. It is also very rewarding.

I love sharing stories of other small business owners I meet on my journey especially if I love what the do, deliver an awesome service or just get me excited about my business through their business adventures.

So without any future adieu let me introduce you to Salome.


My love + my passion = my work

I believe in the power of play and I believe that we are created to flourish. Every child needs to experience this positive way of living. My priority is to support children emotionally and teach them skills to

experience emotional well-being. This will be accomplished through play therapy. Play is the child’s natural way of communication and a medium by which to understand his/her world and make sense of it.

While playing, the child can project his/her situation, express his/her feelings and bring it to the surface. Where he/she can acknowledge, experience and master it.

Through the safety of play, children can experience their own new ways of being.

Play therapy helps the child to become emotionally and socially strong and improves the child’s self-esteem. The child is able to be aware of any difficulties and becomes empowered by being taught appropriate

techniques and making good choices. Parents also feel a sense of empowerment and achievement when armed with the necessary skills which will be given through guidance and tips. It is very important for parents to remember to connect with their child, as this is of utmost importance.

Research indicates the most important predictor of a child’s emotional and psychological stability is the closeness of the parent-child relationship.

It is connection, guidance and positive attention that will empower the child with a sense of wellbeing. Stay close to your child. Empathize and empower.

The reward will be priceless.


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