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Ditching Tradition – Brand & Corporate Stories

Thanks for considering The Girl With The Camera as your photographer. The importance of a corporate headshot is an invaluable way to make an impact on potential clients and employers.  Your images should align with your brand, allowing clients to see a part of what they will experience when they hire you.  Your portraits tell potential clients a story. It is a way you can get yourself or your business noticed. Having a professional headshot to use on your website, Linked In or CV will be a long-term investment.  Your business is part of your legacy – showcase your talent, your personality, be noticed and get hired for that dream opportunity.  Contact me for your booking.

We create your brand story in different ways: 

  • Portraits and brand stories
  • Project development and reports imagery
  • Product shoots
  • Marketing material
  • Learning how to choose quality imagery for your website and social media.
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Portraits & Products


Meet Hermien

As a business owner and one man (girl) show I know what it takes to be able to call yourself an entrepreneur. It is hard.  It is harder than the job you had before you went solo. It is also very rewarding.  I love sharing stories of other small business owners I meet on my journey especially if I love what the do, deliver an awesome service or just get me excited about my business through their business adventures. So without any future adieu let me introduce you to Hermien.

Hermien is a qualified chartered accountant, wife, mother of 2 and business owner. She is a Financial Manager to a multination and business coach to small businesses.

Her passion is guiding business owners and individuals to find clarity in business and personal finances.

If you feel like all the accounting jargon and requirements are making you feel flustered, she can guide you to clarity on compliance and SARS requirements. Accounting should be part of every small business’s strategy and not a hurdle!