Meet Marissa – Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Her mornings and early afternoons were given to photography.

Photography has been a beloved pastime of mine for years, and for the last 5 years, my full-time career and dream come true. After years of being a Social worker and working in high-stress situations, I decided to pick up my camera full time. I enjoy looking for beauty in unexpected places. My passion is to deliver beautiful images that tell your story.

Every story is beautiful

Every moment is precious and I would love to be able to tell your story.

When I am not behind the camera you will find me browsing street markets or devouring large amounts of dark chocolate and coffee with friends. I love my Labrador Retriever puppy, named Faith ( 4 years still count as a puppy ?). She is part of Guide Dog Association of South Africa. Definitely, a life-changing moment when you see how a puppy, that is now grown up, become the eyes of someone that cannot see. It changed how I view my world – and how I look at the world I see through my lens.

As a professional photographer, I capture beautiful moments as they unfold with as little interference as possible. Weddings are full of so many beautiful emotions and special moments that it is hard to choose just one aspect I enjoy about the day, but when my friends see me in action, they always comment on how I love to get stuck in the detail of the day.


I  write stories without  words…


Being part of someone’s wedding day I consider a privilege and honour. If you would like to have creative images of your wedding day, I would love to be your wedding photographer.  Capturing many family celebrations years after the wedding almost makes me feel like family. I love to see how your families grow while I continue to tell your beautiful story.  Although I am a Pretoria based wedding and family photographer, I love travelling and would love to capture your story no matter where you are in South Africa or other parts of the world.

If you think I am suitable for your wedding or lifestyle photo shoot sign up for more info on price and package options.


The Girl With The Camera

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