Lets Count Them Down

To  the  Bride & Groom

In case you were wondering how much time before your wedding day is left…

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May you have a special day, filled with beautiful memories.



“Writing stories without words”

The Girl behind the camera…

Your Wedding Photographer …

Hi, I am Marissa.  Thanks for your interest in The Girl With The Camera. I am one of many options you can choose from but my aim is to make your day memorable – even if I have to run around in the rain, help to set up tables or making a joke to help everyone to relax.

I use to work in a high-stress environment as a social worker before taking up my photography hobby as my day job.  Helping the bride to stay came, comes as second nature to me if the florist got the dates wrong for your wedding or if the cake collapsed on a very hot summer day. (Not that we are planning any of these things for your wedding day).  I walk the extra mile to get a beautiful image, literally. If I know that a different angle will give me the perfect angle I will stretch out the window as far as I can or walk through a river to get it for you. (I do have a bit of an issue with hights, but I trained my assistance well – they know what to do to keep me calm).

My hobby became my day job more than 5 years ago.  I am loving every minute of being The Girl behind the camera and that is how  –  The Girl With The Camera – got to see the light.

I believe your wedding photographer must be someone exceptional. They have a few hours to capture your once in a lifetime moment that took you years of dreaming, months of planning and weeks to ensure perfection.

I guarantee that you will have your electronic images 2-3 weeks after your wedding date.

I love to capture beauty in unexpected places.

“Booking The Girl With The Camera was such a wonderful experience, and she made us feel right at home in front of the camera.” 

Salome & Lou Van Wyk

The Girl With The Camera

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